Hey Skeletons, Zombies and other fetid Creatures of the Underworld ! Please welcome the new band to join BLEED Records : OBTURATE !!
OBTURATE is a one-man band hailing from France, created by Phobos, a talented musician & songwriter who is/has been involved in various underground bands ! OBTURATE is his brain-child, delivering some of the most violent & vicious DEATH METAL !!

The "Bleeding Mask Of Dread" is a 36 minute long violent and vicious DEATH METAL album, influenced by the likes of MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE with lyrics taking sources in the dark worlds of Edgar Allan Poe and Clive Barker.

The debut album "The Bleeding Mask Of Dread" will be released early 2019 - release-date to be announced soon ! All details (artwork, track-list) can be found here !
This will be available on CD (500 copies) as well as CASSETTE (100 copies)... pre-orders coming soon !

As foretaste of the album, you can make your eyes BLEED with the official video and the song "Blue Marks On Her Neck" !