BLEED Records are pleased to reveal the name of the new band to join the roster ! They're named ROTTEN and are hailing from France !
Even if the band was recently formed, the band members are no newcomers and have played/or are playing in various underground bands such as THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND, DEEP VEIN, TREPANATOR, THE LAST TOMB, PULMONARY FIBROSIS... and deliver some of the filthiest, ugliest & most putrid DEATH METAL ever made !

Their debut album - simply entitled "Rotten" - will be released on BLEED Records .. Release date to be announced but you can expect it somewhere between January & March 2019 ! This will be available on CD & Cassette !

More infos to come as music online as well !

For the moment, we can give you a foretaste of their sound... with a rehearsal version of the "Visceral Nebula" song to be featured on the forthcoming album..
ROT & ROLL motherfuckers !