TORTURE THRONE (Fra) "Stench of Innocence" 12" MLP 2014

TORTURE THRONE are back after their 2010 "Thy Serpent's Cult" MCD, with a new MLP of pure Morbid Death Metal. Even if the band is still rather young, the spirit lies back in the early 90's for these old timers. Influenced by bands like old AMORPHIS, INTERMENT, IMPRECATION, INCANTATION and GRAVE, they know how to crush christianity with crushing riffs, fast and mid-paced beats ! 
Along with bands like RITUALIZATION, AFFLICTION GATE, NECROS, NECROWRETCH, CHAOS ECHOES, CADAVERIC FUMES, they definitely are a part of the true DEATH METAL scene from France ! 
5 tracks + intro for 22 minutes of old school Death Metal.
Price: 10.99 EUR
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